A Short Biography of Dr. John D. Geib

I understand my purpose to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and to live, research, and teach the Christocentric worldview in academic, community, and literary contexts.

Education: I was formally educated at Oxford Graduate School, TN, D.Phil., Religion & Society; Talbot School of Theology, Biola University, La Mirada, CA. MA, Biblical Exposition; Malone College, Canton, OH, BA, Christian Ministries and the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, IL, emphasis in Biblical Studies. Many others in the Catholic, Orthodox and Reformed traditions have also been my teachers.

Professional Life: Currently I am the Dean of The Logos Institute, which promotes Christological Studies in Community in a non-sectarian manner. From 1985-2003 I taught Biblical Studies at Malone University, Canton, OH. In 1999, I started The Malone University Worldview Forum to educate how the Christian worldview compares to other worldviews, see http://www.malone.edu/media/1/39/40/135/Summer_Magazine_Layout.pdf Since 1986 I have given over 1,000 educational presentations in churches, conferences and social contexts.

A Biblical Exposition Of War

An Examination Of The Spiritual Mapping Paradigm

Exchanging Life with The Word of Life

“Confronting the Roots of Terrorism: Understanding the other”

“Satan: Prince of Darkness”
My filmed interview contributions to an A&E “Biography” program, first aired on national television on 9/21/98.

“War and Peace in Christian Tradition”
Philosophical Perspectives on the War on Terrorism, ed. G. Presbey, Kenilworth, NJ: Rodopi Press, 2007.

Other Church, Para-Church and International Experiences
- Staff pastor-teacher in five churches (1977-2002).

- Executive Director, Pregnancy Support Center of Stark County, OH, 1986-1989 (Advisory Board Member, 

- Board Member, 1995-2003; 2007-present with Second Chance Ministries, Hartville, OH, a 100-plus member
volunteer ministry started by Mary Catherine Swallen that provides spiritual services to young people at the
Multi-County Juvenile Attention Center, 815 Faircrest, Canton, OH.

- Vice-President-Consultant, 2004-2006, with Remember Nhu, an international ministry that helps young people avoid and escape the sex trafficking tragedy, See http://www.malone.edu/media/1/39/40/135/2005-Spring-Magazine-part1.pdf

- I spent the summer of 2011 in Chaing Mai Thailand teaching the youth and staff of Remember Nhu on a wide variety of topics.

- Missiological Educator, 2005-2010, Ghana, Africa, (bi-annual trips) an educational venture between Cuyahoga Valley Church, Broadview Heights, OH and The Ghana Baptist Convention of Ghana, Africa.

Theological beliefs of the Dean of the Logos Institute
I consider myself primarily to be a member of the Body of Christ, comprised of all those belonging to Jesus Christ present on earth and present with the Lord. Altogether, I am a catholic Christian in that I believe there is a universal Body of Christ and Christian beliefs that can be identified as “universal” Christianity. I am an orthodox Christian in the sense that I believe there are certain doctrinal beliefs and practices that reproduce “correctly” what God revealed in the Scriptures and that Christians are to believe and practice. I am a reformation Christian in the sense that I believe all Christians are called to be part of a life-long process of reformation. Life-long reformation includes speaking the truth in love and growing up into the Head, Christ. Through Christ the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love. Life-long reformation includes encouraging all Christians to pursue unity in the faith, knowledge of the Son of God and to attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ (adapted from Ephesians 4).

Specific Christian creedal beliefs that I agree with are what I consider essential and historic Christianity.[1] I agree with the Apostle’s Creed (2nd Century, modern language version), the Creed of Nicea (325 AD/CE), and the Creed of Constantinople (381 AD/CE). I agree with the Trinitarian precision of The Athanasian Creed (late 300s, early 400s AD/CE). I agree with the Christology in The Definition of Chalcedon (451 AD/CE). Creeds written later in the history of the Body of Christ that agree substantively with historic creeds and with which I also agree substantively are the Schleitheim Confession (Anabaptist, 1527 AD/CE), the Westminster Confession (Reformed, 1646 AD/CE) and Barclay’s Theses Theologicae (Friends, 1675 AD/CE). In all of the teaching I do, my core commitment is to unify Christians around central Christian beliefs and lifestyle choices. I do this consciously with sympathy and respect for all denominational distinctives.

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